Cold Lake Blizzards Alpine Racing Team

Registration Information

Team fees include: Alpine Canada Racer Fee, Alpine Canada General Member and Volunteer Fee (includes family members) and Team Coat Rental Fee (Deposit refunded upon year-end coat return)

Fees provide liability insurance for both racers and family members while volunteering at races.  Families will also receive a subscription to Ski Canada Magazine. 

Racer Fees and Other Cost Considerations:

Season Pass: Racers are required to purchase a Season Pass through Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort.  Individual and family prices are available and determined by the Ski Hill.  Season Pass holders often receive discounts when travelling to mountain resorts. Also beneficial, is to purchase your pass during the Early Bird sales in September.

Race Fees: Races are completely optional, but highly recommended.  It is important to note, that racers are not expected to enter all of the races in their zone.  Depending on the age and skill level of your child, you can plan to attend between 1-6 races per season.  The focus should be on training.  Each event will have a registration fee, determined by the hosting club.  Typically range between $30-$40, which includes a racer lift pass and often a bagged lunch for each competitor.  These fees are due prior to the race day, preferably by email money transfer (EMT) and prior to the event registration deadline. Travel and hotel expenses are also additional.

Equipment: Please see “Equipment” section for details on specific equipment and cost.

Fund Raising:   Each year, we participate in one fundraising raffle.  Raffle items are decided upon by our Fundraising Coordinator and are made up from donations by team members.  Currently we do not participate in Bingos or Casinos.  The funds raised help to purchase equipment and cover general club and coaching expenses.

Category Team Fees Coat Rental (Optional)

U6-U12 (Ages 4-11)

$400.00 $50.00 Coat Rental plus $300.00 deposit

U14-U21 (Ages 12-20)

$450.00 $50.00 Coat Rental plus $300.00 deposit