Cold Lake Blizzards Alpine Racing Team

Race Information

Race Day

“Know your limits, ski beyond them”

Whether or not you choose to go to one or more races, there is some very important information to consider when planning to attend a race:

Emergency: Please ensure that the ski coaches have your correct cell number. Remain on site in case of emergency or assign another adult to be an emergency contact. Let the coaches know if someone else will be responsible for your child.

Label ALL Ski Gear: Put NAMES on ALL of your child’s equipment. There inevitably are 150 pairs of the same size/make skis out there! Our club also has stickers you can get from the club for $5.00. Mabel’s Labels are great! These personalized labels can be ordered online easily and will not come off equipment and clothing.  They last a long time. (

Travel/Accommodations:  Often hotel rooms are blocked off for our team. This information will be made available by email and our Facebook page. However, for most Edmonton races people are pretty spread out. Using Google Maps, please find out how long it’s going to take you to get to the race destination. Give yourselves plenty of time. You will want to arrive between 7:30 and 7:45 AM.

Parking: Race day is ‘packed’ and parking fills up early.

You’ve arrived…Now What?

Place your skis on the racks.
Use the washroom.
Find the Team. We gather in one area of the day lodge. Just look for our jackets. If you happen to be the first one there, grab a table and spread out. We stick together for the entire day.
Your child will receive their race ‘Penny’ and ski pass from the coaches or volunteers helping out for the day with our team.
Upon arrival, begin getting your kids gear on. Boots, helmets etc. *Remember to remind them to use the bathroom.
Coaches will let kids know when it’s time to go warm up and they will meet out by the ski racks.

Course Inspection: This is when all coaches and kids ‘inspect’ the race course.

Bathroom Break/Snack

Race: Every race is different based on the host club. Coaches attend a ‘race’ meeting in the morning, so any information will be passed along to you when you arrive. When in doubt, ask another parent if you’re not sure what is going on. There are so many people at these events it can be overwhelming, but all of the people are friendly and helpful.