Cold Lake Blizzards Alpine Racing Team

Program Information:

The Nancy Greene Ski League is a national program, inaugurated shortly after Nancy Greene Raine’s Gold Medal win at the 1968 Grenoble Olympic Winter Games. Since then, the program has been successful in introducing thousands of children to alpine skiing. Many of Canada’s top international skiers received their early training in Nancy Greene Ski League programs. The program introduces children to basic ski techniques and skills, basic safety rules, and teamwork.  Enjoyment of the sport and the mountain environment is also emphasized.  Alberta clubs are organized into 2 distinct divisions, the North and South Zone.  We are in the North Zone, along with Drumheller, Edmonton Ski Club, Fort McMurray, Nitehawk, Parkland, Rabbit Hill, Red Deer, Snow Valley, Sunridge, and Valley. 

Snow Stars Program

Evaluation and progress reports will be made available for each racer and is based on the Alpine Canada Snow Stars leveled achievements program.

This is a skill development program for young skiers aged 4-13, that will guide racers, parents, and coaches through the appropriate skill progression.  The Snow Stars program consists of 7 levels, which prioritize key skills that children need to progress from beginner to advanced levels of ski racing.  Each level is a guide for the coach to design a training plan that ensures competency in fundamental motor skills and fundamental skiing skills. 

Further information about the program, for both parents and coaches, can be found at

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Kinosoo Ridge Blizzards Alpine Ski Racing Team appropriate for my child?

Yes.  We have team members of all ages and varying abilities, from beginners who can link turns right up to competitive athletes.

Are passes included in the program fees?

No, passes for Kinosoo Ridge are not included in the fees.  We strongly encourage families to purchase Kinosoo Ridge annual passes.

What if my kid comes alone?

Every year more than 50% of our club members come on their own without friends.  Everyone has a shared interest (skiing) so club members make friends fast.

What if my kid doesn’t want to compete in every race?

Not every child has the same desire to compete.  That is why racers are not required to attend every race.  Pick and choose the races that you would like to attend.

Is there a problem if my child cannot attend every practice?

We advise that your child attend as many of the practices as possible, so they may learn as quickly as possible.  However we are aware there will be circumstances that arise from time to time.  We do not refund for any missed days.  Days may be cancelled by the club due to inclement weather.

How do you handle injuries and safety concerns?

We work closely with the hill’s ski patrol to assess injuries to athletes.  When an athlete is injured, coaches have phone numbers for parents and/or guardians and will contact them to let them know what has occurred and what the next steps are.

Can I drop my child at the hill and leave?

You can drop your child at the hill, but you will need to have at least 1 adult other than a coach available in case of any emergency.  Let the coaches know you are leaving and ensure they know who the responsible adult will be, as well as provide the correct contact information.  You will also have to give your child clear instruction about where they are to meet you after the day or evening coaching is completed.

What happens with extreme weather days?

If there are days with extreme weather (cold, wind) and the hill is shut down, coaches will e-mail or text athletes to advise them of the shutdown and cancellation.  Call Kinosoo Ridge or check their website if you suspect they might shut for the day because of weather.  Coaches will often go to the hill to see weather conditions, but might not be able to reach athletes in the morning.

Alberta Alpine North Zone does have an inclement weather policy and races may be cancelled when temperatures and wind chill exceed safe conditions for the athletes.

Check your e-mails often on the days of bad weather! 


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