Cold Lake Blizzards Alpine Racing Team

Jasper Junior Olympics

Jasper Junior Olympics – Special Information

Lift tickets are NOT INCLUDED in race fees for this race. You must purchase them yourself. You can buy a 2 or 3 day pass to save yourself the trouble of getting a pass every day. Anyone volunteering in a skiing position will get a free lift ticket for the day you are volunteering ONLY.

FRIDAY: For those attending our team mountain training on FRIDAY morning, March 1st, 2019 from 10:00am to 12:00 noon. Your child needs to meet outside the lower chalet READY TO SKI at 10:00 (this means ski pass already purchased, skis on their feet, helmets on their heads, etc.). You can buy your lift ticket as early as 8 am so, please give yourself enough time buy your passes, get geared up and find the team. Look for the coaches and kids in their Blizzards jackets outside near the deck or ski racks facing the runs. The coaches plan to hit the lifts by 10:05am. Late arrivals will have to catch up on their own.

You must pick up your child at the lower chalet NO LATER THAN 12:00 noon. Plan to be outside the lower chalet for 11:45am at the latest. You and your family can have the rest of the day to free ski and enjoy Marmot together. If you do not ski, consider putting your child in one of Marmot Basin’s ski camps for the afternoon. I have done this with my children in the past and they LOVE it. It’s a great way to learn the mountain and improve their skills.

SATURDAY (RACE DAY-timed course): Again, arrive early! It will be a ZOO in the main chalet. Your child needs to meet outside the lower chalet READY TO SKI at 8:30am. If you haven’t got your lift pass yet, be at the hill at 8am to purchase it. Your coaches will be warming up with the kids and getting ready to take them on course inspection. Please check in regarding times for lunch and meeting your child after the race. Depending on the race schedule, there could be a quick turnaround for lunch so, again, be prepared to meet up after your child’s first run and make sure you know what time they have to be back with the coach for run number two. Be prepared to collect your child after their second run but, please make sure a coach knows you have him/her before you leave.

SUNDAY (RACE DAY-team fun race): Sunday’s race is more relaxed but, we still need to be on time. Your child needs to meet outside the lower chalet near the deck/ski racks facing the runs READY TO SKI at 8:40am. It is very important you know what time to expect the lunch break and what time to pick your child up after their last run. Many families are heading home right after the race so, being prompt is important.

Some of our times could be adjusted depending on updates to the race schedule; please ensure you check in with your coaches each day.

Miscellaneous BUT IMPORTANT:

1. Parking and Lunch: Many of us will be parking in PARKING LOT #4 all three days. It looks like the weather is going to be great so, the Bowman’s will be having their lunch in the parking lot all three days. We have a portable BBQ so, bring your lunch and refreshments over for a tailgate party. We’re happy to share the grill. The LeBlanc’s are also bringing their BBQ. Seriously consider joining us. Its lots of fun.

2. Be prepared: Consider leaving your hotel each morning DRESSED FOR SKIING (boots, helmets, etc. on and ready). You can go straight to the parking lot (#4 is best!!) and ski down to the chalet, thus, avoiding the huge drop off lines. Then pop up to a window, get your pass, stop for a pee break and you’re ready to go!! We avoid going in the lower chalet as much as possible. During the day, the upper chalet is much less crowded if you’re looking for a quieter place to have a break.

3. Spectators/Volunteers: You cannot “walk” to watch any of these races. For safety, Marmot Basin does not allow foot traffic on the mountain. Be prepared to strap on some skis or a snowboard if you want to watch the race. Please note that volunteers are still needed by the organizing committee. Volunteers will receive a free lift pass and lunch the day they work. It’s easy and fun to volunteer. I do it at every race. The team works together to make sure the kids of parent volunteers are taken care of while you’re on duty.