The Nancy Greene Ski League is a national program, inaugurated shortly after Nancy Greene Raine’s Gold Medal win at the 1968 Grenoble Olympic Winter Games. Since then, the program has been successful in introducing thousands of children to alpine skiing. Many of Canada’s top international skiers received their early training in Nancy Greene Ski League programs. The program introduces children to basic ski techniques and skills, basic safety rules, and teamwork.  Enjoyment of the sport and the mountain environment is also emphasized.  Alberta clubs are organized into 2 distinct divisions, the North and South Zone.  We are in the North Zone, along with Drumheller, Edmonton Ski Club, Fort McMurray, Nitehawk, Parkland, Rabbit Hill, Red Deer, Snow Valley, Sunridge, and Valley. 

Our team, established in 2003, is based solely upon the dedication of our parents as volunteer coaches and ski officials. We strive to provide our racers with the abilities that will lead them towards success.


Volunteers are always welcome and are the backbone of ski racing, from the entry-level Nancy Greene to the World Cup and Olympic Levels. Without the dedication of volunteers, we couldn’t put on races for our young athletes, or run a ski club for that matter. Help is always appreciated during practices. For races, we are encouraged to provide one volunteer for every 3 racers. It is recommended that you take the Alberta Alpine’s Level 1 Officials Course. The club can arrange the training for our new parents. Volunteering is fun and easy and is a great way to get up close to the action!